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    Friday, January 1st, 2010
    11:21 am
    Welcome 2010!
    Instead of apologizing for not updating (which I tend to do) I will instead list out some things that I'd like to do this year. I wouldn't really call them resolutions, per se, but I check this journal damn near every day and having a list that I have to look at constantly will not be a bad thing.

    First, I want to be nicer to people that I don't like. This doesn't mean being a pushover, as The Husband likes to insinuate that I am sometimes; if someone cuts me off in traffic or can't adequately work the self-checkout at the grocery store or is just a general jerk, then game on. But there are people in my life who are not necessarily my favorite people and being mean to them serves no purpose.

    Second, I will endeavor to keep the house more presentable. I don't mean spotless (although I did purchase myself a floor-washing robot recently) but presentable enough so that I could have people over pretty much whenever and not be embarrassed by the amount of clutter around. The Husband and I, in our daily lives, do not honestly care about how many dishes are in the sink, or about what's on the dining room table, but it makes it tougher to have Emergency Parties, which I dearly love.

    Third, I will try to be more active. I don't want to work out to lose weight, but I did the Holiday Rowing Challenge (100,000 meters between Thanksgiving and Christmas) and I feel pretty good as a result. Continuing to row (even if it's not every single day) can only be good for me. Also I think I am quitting aerobics - even though it's free, I don't like it. The instructor is a tiny drill sergeant of a lady and even though I feel good when it's done, I dread going every week. It shouldn't be like that.

    Fourth, I will finish the current row of Napoleon before starting any more cross-stitch projects, because four babies were born in the last three months of 2009 and I had to do stuff for them, and Napoleon was neglected as a result. If I'm going to have a prayer of finishing him by the time I'm 30 (which is only two years and eight months away at this point) I need to buckle the fuck down and DO IT.

    And finally, to continue to be awesome. I think I can accomplish that.

    Friday, February 27th, 2009
    11:10 am
    New news.
    I own a house.

    Well, technically, I own half a house, and the Future Husband owns the other half.

    But still. I own a house.
    Monday, November 24th, 2008
    5:32 pm
    New and exciting news!
    I know I suck at posting. But this entry isn't about my radio silence for the past almost-year, or anything like that.

    I'm writing to tell all my Internet Friends that The Boyfriend is now The Fiance! Or The Future Husband, depending on what I feel like calling him when I summon him from across the room.

    I'm in such a super-happy place right now, I feel like bouncing around. And have been bouncing, since Friday evening. :)

    Alas, we are traveling to Thanksgiving in New Jersey this weekend, and I have a million things to do before that happens, so I need to go now. But...yeah. :)

    - Mary
    Sunday, December 23rd, 2007
    12:13 am
    Home for Christmas.
    I forgot a whole ton of things in my haste to pack this morning.
    - camera
    - movies
    - other stuff I'm sure I'll remember later

    The worst of all is my paper journal. I like to write in it every night before I go to bed. And as I'm fixin' to head in that direction in a little bit here, I'm really feeling its absence.

    I think it's mostly due to it being the place where I truly get to be honest with myself about my thoughts and feelings. Sure, I could pour 'em all out into this journal, but some things are just for me, and I like it like that.

    It also makes things more permanent to write 'em down with a pen in ink on paper. Computers are ephemeral. Sometimes I lie in bed after making an entry and I reread what I wrote a few weeks or even a few days ago. It makes me smile, or feel sad, or nostalgic, or all of them all at once. It helps me remember who I was and lets me see where I've been.

    Now more than ever, when I'm sitting at the dining room table in the house where I grew up, I need that. And it's back home.

    Current Mood: contemplative
    Thursday, December 13th, 2007
    5:26 pm
    I'm done.
    As of about five minutes ago, I'm officially done with grad school. At least, with this program.

    I'll probably write more later, but I just wanted to get that out there now.

    Sunday, November 4th, 2007
    5:31 pm
    Yay, cupcakes!
    I know it's been a while. Things have happened.

    Most recently, I won a prize at the Pittsburgh Vegan Dessert Fest '07! I won "Best Frosting" for my "Rhetorical Question Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes." (Which is better...the chocolate, or the peanut butter?)

    I got a magnet and a neato-keen vintage cookie press. I'm also very wired and expecting to crash soon.

    Now I can truly call my vegan cupcakes "award-winning." Yay!

    Monday, July 2nd, 2007
    4:17 pm
    Note to self: I am awesome.
    I don't know how many of you know this about me, but I am one hell of a baker. Recently, because of Vegan Dude Frank, I've been forced to experiment with vegan baking,'s not so bad. Apparently, I make a mean vegan cupcake.

    However, there is one culinary adversary that has always eluded me, and that is angel food cake.

    Angel food cake is delicious, and yet, so very tricky to make. When I tried them at the parents' house, they'd always fall the moment they left the soothing heat of the oven.

    However, today I have faced my demons and emerged VICTORIOUS!

    I now have ten (I ate two already) delicate little angel food cupcakes cooling on my counter. Sorry, Vegan Frank, I need eggs for these - nothing else gives you that lovely lift and tender crumb.

    Next up: probably strawberry and blueberry angel food cupcakes. And then? WHO KNOWS!

    Tuesday, May 1st, 2007
    9:06 am
    Crazy Yesterday
    Hello, everyone,

    It was a crazy yesterday.

    I found out yesterday before I left the house for school that Internship will only be for 20 hours a week this summer. Now, before anyone panics, I need to work for a total of 240 hours to fulfill the internship requirements of the program, and as far as I can tell, I'll be available at Internship for fourteen weeks, which, at 20 hours a week, more than fulfills my requirement. But that leaves me with a whole lot of extra summer to fill up with...something. I guess my plan is to find out what my schedule over at Internship will be like, and then get another job to fit around that.

    So. I leave the house and I'm stressed out about that, and to boot, the bus is late. I get on it about 4:15 for a 4:30 class, and because I like to go to Lee's house on Monday nights and watch 24, and because he has a free washer and dryer in his basement, I'm carrying my laundry. In a big duffel bag. Like a crazy person.

    I'm on the bus, worrying about my job, and at the stop before mine, some frat boy in a black Volvo SUV tries to turn left...but fails and gets T-boned at, like, 20mph by a lady driving a white Bonneville. They were both okay, but I was the only person who got off the bus at the next stop, and so I had to wait around for the police so I could give a statement. I think I helped, which is good, because no other witnesses could remember the bus number (I did) and the bus driver is the one who originally called 911 about the accident, so the police might be able to track him down, or something.

    I meet up with Lee after class (because this took about an hour) and he can't get together in the evening - he's got too much homework. Which is fine, I can respect that, but if you'll remember, gentle reader, I'm still carrying my laundry. Which still needs to get done.

    I get a ride home from Ashley and go to start up a couple loads of laundry...only to find that I'm out of quarters. I round up $5 in dimes, nickels, and pennies, but I can't go to the bank, since it's after 7 at this point. I go down to the Eckerd drug store (like a Walgreens, for those who are unfamiliar) and plead with the nice managerial man to trade in my little pile of coins for $5 in quarters. Which he does, which is pretty rockin'.


    This week has got to get better, right?

    Tuesday, April 24th, 2007
    10:41 am
    Hey everyone,

    So things are super busy around here - and nothing is more busy than the hunt for an internship. Almost all of my intrepid classmates have awesome internships lined up, and even The Boyfriend has two really good options. (Although people have to get back to him, he should know what he's doing this summer by the end of the week.)

    For my part, I had two good leads:

    1) Video-game company
    2) Software engineering company

    Video-game company wanted me to work on a project for them. I can't even tell you what it is, it's so top-secret that I had to sign an NDA to go on the initial interview...which was in February. I can tell you that it would have been extremely difficult, but highly rewarding. I can also tell you that the interview "process" has been fairly grueling - I went for an official interview in February, then had to complete a writing test, which was supposed to be here by March 12 and finally showed up on April 5 and had to be turned around by April 12. (Which is slightly ridiculous for a deeply involved writing test whose subject matter I simply cannot elaborate upon.)

    Software engineering company wanted me to make them an official-type style guide, and edit some academic papers, and other things kind of like that. I would probably be working for my Marketing professor, who is also their Director of Communications, and an all-around pretty awesome dude. (Note: I got this lead because of all those papers I edited for Dad, and for others - thanks, everyone!) By all accounts, the people at said software engineering firm are also awesome, making it a good work environment, but involving a subject that is massively boring.

    Neither one is a bad choice. Both have upsides and downsides. And whichever one I pick will probably alter my future in a subtle way that I can't adequately express at this time.

    Why, then, upon receiving the rejection that I received this morning from said video-game company, do I feel as though I have failed in some way? I haven't; I'm just going to be doing something different, but it doesn't prevent me from still feeling this way.

    Friday, April 13th, 2007
    8:55 am
    Not dead.
    I'm not dead, just very busy. School is hard!

    More later, I think.

    Friday, January 19th, 2007
    3:36 pm
    Chuck Palahniuk sent me a package.
    So much has happened, but this isn't about any of that.

    Back in October, Chuck Palahniuk (author of Fight Club and many other fine books) posted on his website that he'd write back to everyone who wrote him a letter during the month. I wrote something up and sent it out right at the end of the month, expecting to hear back...eventually? I don't know exactly what I was expecting.

    However, I was definitely not expecting the package that showed up on my doorstep today.

    Chuck's package contained...

    One (1) Valentine's Day Pencil and stickers
    One (1) package of 33 chocolate-scented stickers
    One (1) stuffed parrot (Chuck claims it's a "Power Parrot")
    One (1) fake severed finger
    One (1) plastic spider
    One (1) tub of Strawberries and Creme scented body butter (for deliciously sweet skin)
    One (1) package of three Mrs. Field's chocolates
    One (1) Manicure Kit (mini emery board, cuticle stick, nail file, nail clipper, and tweezers)
    One (1) laminated million-dollar bill
    One (1) pink Cupid paper-punch (for making Cupid-shaped confetti, I think)
    Four (4) non-toxic Chinese crayons
    Two (2) glow-in-the-dark crescent moons
    Two (2) glow-in-the-dark exploded stars (the kind you stick on your ceiling)
    One (1) copy of Chuck Palahniuk's Tour Stories: Volume 1, personalized for me
    One (1) copy of Chuck Palahniuk's Tour Stories: Volume 2, signed and stamped with "Prison Library Copy" stamp
    One (1) form letter (with autograph exhorting me to "enjoy that tiara--and your writing program--now Kick Some Ass with your Fiction!!")
    One (1) autographed photo of Chuck, Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and two other people, standing on the front steps of the house on Paper Street
    One (1) package of eight "Peppermint Stripe" relighting birthday candles
    One (1) name badge ("HELLO, my name is Chuck Palahniuk")
    One (1) temporary tattoo of some Chinese character
    One (1) "Body Jewel" (little round red sparklies in the shape of a heart)
    One (1) package of forget-me-not seeds
    One (1) package of carrot seeds
    One (1) package of "herb garden" seeds

    All of this in a little box with enough sticky silver confetti to choke nearly anyone, which I'm still picking off my pants.

    What a nice surprise after the first overwhelming week of this semester!

    Monday, January 1st, 2007
    7:43 pm
    Mary's BPAL Sale List
    Updated 04/26/08


    I love BPAL and the way that it smells; but, I have come to a revelation. I have no time whatsoever to devote to this hobby. I'm already neglecting hobbies of mine that I enjoy. Plus my job is getting to be super demanding, I have personal relationships that I want to sustain, and I'm busy with all those millions of other things that make up life. I haven't worn any perfume in about two months, and that's too long for any of this stuff to sit, unloved.

    My loss is your gain, though, since it's time for me to clear out as much as I can.

    Some of these have been tested: they are clearly marked as such. The fullness varies--they come in all flavors. I'll add information on the fullness of LE and GC bottles and LE imps; GC imps are sometimes below the top of the label, but they are always more than half full.

    Shipping is, let's say, $2.00 within the US, $3.00 to exotic international destinations. All flavors of Paypal will be accepted, though I prefer non-CC. (Though, doesn't everyone?)

    Spend at least $50 and get free domestic shipping! (At least $75 for free international shipping, lousy weak dollar.)

    As a note to self and others, things in italics are spoken for but not yet officially claimed (read: paid for).

    On another note, I am also looking for someone to take over BPAL TiddlyWiki updates and maintenance. If I can't find someone who wants to do it, I'll discontinue the updates, but still leave it out there. It's easy to add your own tiddlers to it, anyway.

    On to the smellies.

    LE Bottles: Priced as marked. Most of these have only been opened to sniff; any that haven't are marked as such.

    Aeaea: $16.00
    Blue Moon April 2007: $25.00
    Crow Moon: $16.00
    The Emathides: $16.00
    Enraged Groundhog Musk (tested from the rim): $14.00
    Hunger Moon: $16.00
    Milk Moon 2007: $16.00
    Oborot: $16.00
    Pumpkin Patch #5 2007 (almost empty): $2.00
    Privilege (I got this secondhand but I never opened it): $10.00
    Swan Maiden: $16.00
    Thunder Moon: $16.00
    Wolf Moon 2007: $16.00

    Tested LE Imps: Priced as marked

    13 from April 13, 2007 (full): $3.00
    Berenice: $3.00
    Creepy (about 0.5cm of oil in the imp): $1.00
    Cupid Complaining to Venus (half-imp): $2.00
    Lady Luck Blues: $3.00
    Morella: $3.00
    Midnight Kiss: $3.00
    Pumpkin Patch #1 2006: $3.00
    Pumpkin Patch #1 2006 (half-imp): $2.00
    Pumpkin Patch #2 2006 (half-imp): $2.00
    Pumpkin Patch #3 2006 (half-imp): $2.00
    Purple Phoenix (just barely below the label): $3.00
    Samhain 2006: $3.00
    The Phantom Calliope: $3.00
    Vampire Tears: $3.00
    Vampire Tears: $3.00
    War: $3.00

    Untested LE Imps: Priced as marked

    Buck Moon (about 0.5cm of oil in the imp): $1.50
    Pumpkin Patch #1 2007: $4.00
    Yuki-onna: $4.00

    GC Bottles: Priced as marked

    Jack (cobalt bottle; a very little bit of oil is left in the bottom): $3.00

    Tested GC Imps: $2.00 apiece or 6 for $10, unless marked otherwise

    Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo
    Black Lotus
    Grandmother of Ghosts
    Leanan Sidhe
    Shoggoth (taped label)

    Untested GC Imps: $2.50 apiece unless marked otherwise or take 'em all for $8.50

    Dove's Heart: $2.00 (oil-stained label)
    Follow Me Boy
    Golden Priapus
    Temple of Dreams

    Other Perfumes, Imp-Sized

    Arcana Soaps: Caramelized Coconut Layering Note: $1.00
    Gucci: Envy (imp and a half): $2.00
    Possets: Celadon Green: $1.50
    Possets: Ego: $1.50
    Sidhe Creations: Hephaestus: $1.50
    Sidhe Creations: Virgo: $1.00 (oil-stained label)
    Starring! Holly-Weird 2007 Pump-Cone Head!: $1.50

    Thanks for looking. And thanks for everything, everyone. All of you BPAL people are some of the best people on the entire Internet.

    - Mary
    Thursday, December 14th, 2006
    6:51 pm

    That is all. Oh, much has happened, but I'll write about it later.
    Tuesday, October 17th, 2006
    6:07 pm
    Rewriting these Style papers is easily the most torturous thing I've ever had to do. I've just spent fifteen minutes chopping apart and repasting four sentences back together. The topic is crappy (which doesn't help) but honestly, it makes me question why I wanted to be a professional writer in the first place.

    Grumble grumble.


    (PS. I chopped and repasted this short blog entry, too. Nothing is safe from deletion!)

    Current Mood: rassum-frassum
    Friday, September 22nd, 2006
    4:06 pm
    I'm not dead - just very, very busy.

    Things are pretty awesome, though. I have a crew, and I go out drinking with them, and everyone in my program is fantastic, and my grades are good (but not so good that they can't get better). I'm learning and growing and changing, and everything is great.

    Also, once again, I have a boyfriend. :)

    Whee! Grad school is awesome!


    Current Mood: squee!
    Sunday, September 3rd, 2006
    2:07 am
    I fell down four stairs today and thought I broke my arm. It's not broken, though. Just painful. I am so totally not looking forward to tomorrow, which I'm sure will suck like a giant sucking vortex of suckitude. And pain.

    However, after that all happened, I hung out with Tenacious Lee for, like, ten hours. He is a good dude.

    Now, bed. Tomorrow? Homework.

    Saturday, September 2nd, 2006
    1:28 am
    Feeling pretty darn emo.
    Song lyrics are terribly, terribly high school. Won't keep me from doing it, though.

    Emo Emo, Cut CutCollapse )


    Current Mood: blue
    Monday, August 28th, 2006
    9:44 am
    Here I go...
    I'm setting off to walk to class. To the first day of class.

    I really don't feel like I'm smart enough to be here. I mean, obviously I am, since they let me in, but everyone's all like "Blah blah grammar, blah blah epistemology, blah blah SMARTNESS." As an example of one of the doofy things I have done recently, I packed a bottle of soy sauce in with all my spices, and then shipped it, and then expressed dismay when it (obviously) exploded.

    Also, I don't have a single textbook yet, and I don't know if I even have money, and...and...more stuff.

    Off to go to class. Not optimistic about not being an idiot.

    Friday, August 25th, 2006
    8:25 am
    Happy birthday to me!
    It's my birthday today. Huzzah!

    I don't really have a lot to add to that, except that it's morning, I really need some coffee and more sleep, and I have to go to computer-related orientation later on. I plan to bring my own compy and sit in the back and only sort of pay attention.

    Tonight? WE BOWL. Be there and be square with us.

    Sunday, August 20th, 2006
    11:57 pm
    Went for a walk around the neighborhood today. Discovered a place that delivers both Chinese food *and* sushi, as well as some kind of frightening soy-protein vegetarian meals. Also, found a corner bakery. And a deli that claims to have the best Nova lox in Pittsburgh.

    The nice man behind the counter said, "We make our own corned beef here. Try some!"

    I did. It was delicious.

    We chatted for a bit, and I said, "I just moved out here to go to school. I used to live in California."

    He said, "CMU, right?"

    I said, "Right. How'd you guess?"

    He replied, "No one comes that far to go to Pitt."


    PS. Also, there's a tea cafe that only serves tea and tea-related accoutrements, and an art supply store that also does custom framing. Oh, and a Judaica Outlet in case you need a "gift of significance." I like this neighborhood. It's got a lot of character.
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